Claudia Cotes

Media Training

Master and doctorate focused on non-verbal media communication, with over 21 years of experience in TV and web, Cláudia Cotes coaches entrepreneurs, journalists and professionals who need to act on camera. The focus of her studies is non-verbal communication.

During the 2014 Brazilian presidencial election campaign, performed expressiveness analysis of candidates, at UOL.

Since 2005 acts as a lecturer in Media Training along with journalists, economists and media professionals.

What is it?

Media Training is the practice that focuses on content and well speaking manners in Brazilian media.

Who teaches the course?

Journalists, speech therapist and professionals of specific areas, such as economists and actors.

Who is designed for?

Executives, spokespersons of companies, artists and professionals who need to give interviews on radio, printed press, TV or the Web.

What is the training time duration?

It ranges from 4 to 16 hours.

Speech Therapy

Consists in training and evaluation (theory and practice workshops).

Content addressed

Media Communication: memory, language, intonation, gestures, posture and facial expression.

Covered areas

General objective

To deepen the knowledge and practice of a more expressive communication.

Specific objectives